CMC Concludes the StartUP Training and Coaching Program

StartUP Training

CMC has completed the StartUP program, a customized training and coaching program for entrepreneurs that benefited from the JEDCO grant JSMPII. The training program consisted of 29 startups that were divided into four main groups based on their geographic locations and introduced them to business Management aspects and assisted them in developing their abilities to build their own self –business growth plans through one on one coaching sessions over a period of three months.

The training workshops that consisted of four days covered various subjects on the business and the personal levels including entrepreneurial skills, business planning, marketing, business development, financial management, strategic direction, among many others. With the conclusion of the training workshops, participants applied this newfound knowledge under CMC’s supervision and one on one coaching over a three month period which culminated with each participant developing their own one year action growth plan.

The StartUP program consisted of five main phases and was fully implemented over a period of 17 weeks and was able to change the mentality and focus of business owners from traditional and ad-hoc business management mentalities towards business planning mentalities, essential for business growth. At the end of the program, with each participant developing their own personalized strategic growth action plan they were able to focus their business towards achieving sustained growth over the following year.