1. Strategy
    2. Marketing
    3. Finance
    4. Export Development
    5. Organizational Change & Development
    6. Operational Excellence
    7. Service Quality
    8. Human Capital Development
    9. Family Business Transformation
    10. Private Sector Development


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The Services Triangle: Consulting, Training, and Coaching

123The global economy demands new business models and tools, as well as novel approaches to doing business. Companies are seeking innovation and speed to capture market opportunities and meet new challenges. Whether supporting growth initiatives, demands for solving critical challenges or improving business performance, our management consulting, training, and coaching services provide practical solutions founded on solid data, robust analysis, creative thinking, close collaboration and empowerment of our clients. We bring to our clients new ideas, new business models, and new perspective while building their capabilities along with a complete transfer of knowledge. In doing so, we support their transition to better business performance that results in profitability and long-term sustainability.

Our company has hands-on experience in providing business consulting services in a variety of fields to clients across many industries. Over the years, we have helped organizations – small and large, private and public – to achieve superior results, matching our competencies and industry expertise with the specific needs of our clients.We also deliver the often missing link between strategy and achieving the expected results by providing training and coaching to executives, middle-management and staff in a variety of fields.

We successfully use training and coaching to transfer knowledge and experience as well as best practice to help improve management and personnel performance. We develop their skills to be more productive at managing the business, planning, organizing, and coordinating resources in the organization.