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Marketing is the mindset that puts the customer first and ensures that the organization’s philosophy is “without customers there is no organization.” We help you build your organization on the foundation of this philosophy.

Our marketing consultants work with clients to design and implement effective marketing strategies and develop market-driven marketing plans, based on thorough situation analysis. We analyze the marketing environment, define the objectives, identify the appropriate marketing mix, and determine the appropriate action plan that lead to success. We then help the client implement the marketing plan by coaching them to understand the organizational implications for execution and mentoring them through implementation. We help monitor results and develop contingency plans to ensure that companies get the best results from the marketing efforts.

We assess the marketing function and competencies in an organization and formulate the most effective strategies for building the necessary marketing capability within the company to support the effective implementation of any marketing strategies and sales activities.

Our marketing consulting and training areas include:

  • Marketing planning
  • Market research
  • Sales growth strategies
  • Branding Strategies
  • Communication and Promotion Strategies
  • Customer Relationship Management