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Export Development

Developing sustainable exports is not an easy task, as companies have to be ready to respond to fast changing competitive environments and evolving customer needs. In order to compete successfully in international markets, companies need market knowledge, a winning market entry strategy and a realistic export marketing plan.

Our export development consulting services are designed to help realize our clients’ export goals. We conduct market research to identify promising markets for our clients’ products/services and determine the opportunities and demand characteristics of the specific market and target group.We help clients define export objectives and we develop market entry strategies and export marketing plans along with the company upgrading plan that will take advantage of the opportunities in the market and resolve constrains that the company faces vis-à-vis exports. Through coaching we help clients in the execution of their export plan and in setting up their effective export operations. We also assist companies and business support organizations in the design and implementation of export promotion programs, including providing consulting and coaching in planning for and effective participation in international trade fairs.

To build the skills and knowledge of companies in export marketing, management and export promotion, we offer internationally recognized export development training and coaching programs developed in-house under the eXPASS© trade name. Our eXPASS© Export Development and Coaching Program (EDCP) is a comprehensive export development platform designed to support the development of export strategies and plans and help clients in their implementation to improve export performance and enterprise competitiveness.

ex eXPASS® Export Development and Coaching Program (EDCP)