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Service Quality

Nowadays, service quality and customer service has become a key marketing tool for achieving competitive differentiation and fostering customer loyalty. Across industries and sectors, CMC partners with clients and assists them in distinguishing themselves and helps them retain customers by offering excellence in service performance.

We have adopted the service quality model and all our service performance development revolves around the three main P’s of service quality: the people administering the service, the processes the service entails, and the physical evidence of the service. Together with our clients we aim to attain delighted employees who are fully satisfied, highly motivated, and well trained leading them to provide outstanding service quality. Secondly, we work on optimizing service quality and flow, resulting in an increase in reliability and responsiveness. Thirdly, we assess and enhance the environment in which the service is delivered.

We partner with our customers in filling the gaps that are revealed and upgrading their service performance, thus achieving growth in customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty leading to an increase in sales and profit. Our service quality consulting includes the following areas:

  • Service performance development
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Mystery shopping
  • Sector service index
  • Service strategy
  • Service quality audit