At CMC we are dedicated to combining innovative thinking with expert knowledge while utilizing the most effective approach and methodologies to implement the best solutions leading clients to real business growth.

Our solutions are customized to address the unique situation and environment of each client, rather than follow the “one-size-fits-all” approach. We believe in results, and therefore we use a result-based approach in our assignments that ensures the quality of our services and the achievement of desired outcomes for our clients.


The success of any project depends on effective communication between us and our clients. We strongly believe in the importance of partnering with our clients, where our relation is based on mutual trust and benefit, and a highly collaborative approach that facilitates effective communication, helping us understand our clients’ values and goals and allowing us to better contribute to achieving them.

During this phase we set a common platform of understanding and expectations, and strive to make our methodology clear and comprehensible. Clear cut communication channels and points of contact are defined early on to enhance the communication process. We mutually agree on the project workplan and timeframe which will help visualize our methodology and practices throughout the project management cycle, from inception, through formulation, execution, and monitoring. The quality of partnership with our clients provides the conditions for client’s buy-in to the process of change and ownership of the implementation.

Assessment (Defining Gaps)
In the assessment phase, we conduct comprehensive internal and external situation analysis using a variety of assessment tools (problem analysis, firm value chain analysis, institutional capacity assessment, export-readiness assessment, SWOT analysis, needs assessment, PEST, Porter’s 5 Forces etc.)

Information gathered in the assessment phase is used as a pillar on which we design and build the upgrade plan. Clear understanding of our client needs will help ensure consistency and clarity of our approach throughout the project as well as the achievement of desired outcomes for our clients.

Design and Upgrade (Direction and Strategy)
The design and upgrading phase draws directly on the results of the situation analysis. We work with our clients in designing the direction and objectives that need to be achieved, formulating the strategy to achieve the objectives, and developing the action plan that will provide a clear and logical schedule of activities that need to be taken to deliver sustainable results along with the relevant resources required for implementation.

Coaching (Supervision During Implementation)
Our coaching services are aimed at supporting our clients through the implementation of the strategies and action plans, helping them maximize their professional potential and achieve their business goals. We provide them with new techniques and effective knowledge transfer throughout the implementation period by well-structured one-on-one coaching sessions. These coaching sessions enable our consultants to supervise, mentor, and monitor the implementation of activities as well as transfer a set of new best practices to managers.