CMC has a breadth of experience in the services industry, having provided consulting, training and coaching in strategic management, marketing, organizational development, HR development, and service quality among others, aimed at contributing to organizations growth. Our clients include companies from sectors such as architecture and engineering, information and communications technology, construction and real estate, and healthcare as well as microfinance organizations. In addition to private enterprises, we have worked with various business support associations in these industries, developing plans to increase membership and enhance the quality of services provided, along with establishing market intelligence units in a variety of these organizations. We have experience in improving service quality and competitiveness of trading companies on a local and regional level through strategic and organizational development, operational optimization, and human capital development.

We employ our extensive experience in the Microfinance sector by providing organizations in the industry consulting, training and coaching services. We have assisted many MFIs to complete their transformation to achieve growth results and provide outstanding service quality taking into consideration the social impact. Our services focus on dimensions most important to MFIs such as organizational development, operation efficiency, product development, marketing strategy and out-reach, service quality transformation, social impact development, and most importantly personnel development from loan officers, to branch managers up to Middle and senior management.

Our service improvement services have resulted in improved quality of services provided, and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty to all our clients in the services industry


Sample Project Briefs:

dummy-for-sample-projectsStrategy & Organizational Development

dummy-for-sample-projectsFranchise Business Manual