Yousef Kandah
Financial Consultant

Yousef Kandah is the head of the Microfinance Unit at CMC in which he plays a vital role in developing a diverse array of consulting, training, and coaching programs for Microfinance Institutions in Jordan and the region.

Yousef began his career as a Banker and then transitioned into the microfinance industry, working in one of the leading MFIs in Jordan. He stated as a Credit and Operations Manager, and worked his way up to the General Manager position. As the head of the Microfinance Unit, his knowledge and skill set in the areas of credit management, financial analysis, HR, public relations and operations have increased the productivity of Jordanian MFIs. Yousef has also contributed to a series of training projects in real estate evaluation, financial analysis, risk management, leasing for micro and small businesses, Islamic lending, project management, managing delinquent loans, and treasury management.

Yousef holds an Associate’s Degree in Banking from the Florida State College and is a Certified Lender Business Banker by the Institute of Certified Bankers.