“The services done by Competence were of high quality, reflect good understanding of the maturity process for companies and really helped us develop our research methodology as well”

Abed Shamlawi, CEO of ICT Association of Jordan – int@j

“For more than three years now, CMC has played a unique role in our company’s path towards lasting success. Their main interventions were developing our strategic growth plan, providing support in the establishment of our marketing plan and corporate brand image. They also laid the foundation for our HR system, and built up the sales and marketing capabilities of our staff and have supported us in making our marketing campaigns effective and efficient.”

Basil Marji, Managing Director of Izzat Marji Group

“Any leader or manager in a successful organization needs a well experienced consultant to evaluate the business from a different angle, offering new perspectives and valuable solutions. Adnan Ziadat from CMC has done a great job in consulting and coaching our executives over the past three years. He instilled a growth and self-development orientation in our top management and due to his competent support and sustained collaboration, he continues to have a positive effect on our business.”

Basil Marji, Managing Director of Izzat Marji Group

“The consultants at Competence Management Consulting are very experienced specialists, providing reliable services and valuable support to our organization. They are highly flexible, offering practical solutions adapted to our organization’s needs. In other words, they provide value for money. We are honored to have worked with an organization and people with such a high level of professionalism.”

Eng. Anwar Haddad, Director of JEPA

“Like never before, businesses need to be at their most effective, always striving for higher levels of understanding, productivity and excellence. The Export Training and Coaching Program dramatically changed our outlook and mindset in doing business and offered us a new approach and tools to understand and meet new markets needs and demands.”

Lama Abbasi, General Manager of ALZARA Natural Dead Sea Products

“We wish to express our deepest gratitude to Competence Management Consulting for conducting the eXPASS Export Coaching Program (EDCP) and for their continuous guidance and priceless coaching efforts throughout the course of the program. EDPC handled a vital issue in the current rigorous competitive market, introducing us to the fundamentals on how to engage the services sector into exporting initiatives aimed at penetrating new markets. The Program indeed enhanced awareness about the essential elements of the market, clients and competitors, which paved the way for a systematic approach to matching the market needs considering a wide-range of aspects, i.e. managerial, technical, physical and financial.”