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    Growth is like a mountain path which you have chosen to climb; you may face painful challenges, but when you reach the summit, it will all be worth it.


    Competence Team

    Why Choose Us?


    We have the competencies that are required for achieving successful outcomes through the skills, knowledge and behaviours of our management consultants and trainers who are widely recognized for expertise and actively sought by senior level executives, all underpinned by professional behaviours and ethics.


    We drive projects to success. All of our projects achieved their final outcomes successfully because we master and apply a result- and evidence-based, outcome-oriented approach with a phase-gated project management methodology that guarantees all the intended milestones and deliverables are achieved accurately and timely.


    Simply, all of our clients and final beneficiaries are satisfied customers. A long list of references from hundreds of successful projects, in all of our scope of services in most of business sectors, are ready to reflect on their experiences and successful stories with our organization.

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    Our Services

    Our Services

    Women And Youth Empowerment

    Competence has long experience in developing and implementing women and youth economic empowerment, employment/self-employment and leadership program packages. We believe at Competence that the "Women Social and Economic Empowerment" programs that we deliver enables women to save money, develop financial literacy, and invest in income-generating activities. Not only we assist women’s access to financial services, we also focus on groups’ learning skills and building capacities, self-esteem, increasing access to information and resources, and promoting collective action and community organizing. This combination of economic and social empowerment services we provide positions them as leaders and decision-makers in their households and communities.

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    Competence has considerable experience in performing comprehensive entrepreneurship programs to include but not limited to assessment, training, business plans preparation, coaching/mentoring, access to finance, etc. We equip entrepreneurs and start-ups with the right tools to support them to start and expand their businesses. STARTUP  is a comprehensive program combining training sessions, individual coaching and growth business plan development that are designed to help entrepreneurs develop business skills and attract financing.

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    MSMEs Economic Development

    Competence has a long experience in MSMEs growth development at all stages of growth cycle, from start-up to export development. Competence has an accumulated experience of more than 50 years in the growth transformation management through partnership, assessment, capacity building, growth consulting and business coaching/mentoring on sector and national levels. Competence has a long and relevant experience in training and mentoring manufacturing, trade, agri-business and service companies’ owners and staff and in conducting special (training the trainers, TTT) sessions to build their capacity in local growth and export development.

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    Capacity Building

    Competence has been working with several industrial, trade and service private and public sectors in Jordan to support them in building their capacity in different business aspects (technology, process, product, and people) in order to expand their businesses locally and then transform to be exporting organizations. Competence has also generated and developed special ready-made capacity building training/coaching programs in local growth (SUCCESS, STARTUP, CHAING, SALES BOOST and 3D LPD), and in export development program (Export Passport, eXPASS®)

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    Export Development And Promotion

    Competence team has an accumulated experience of more than 50 years in the growth transformation management and export development through research, export readiness assessment, capacity building, export growth consulting and business coaching/mentoring. Competence has a long and relevant experience in training and mentoring manufacturing, Agri-business, trade and service companies’ owners and staff and in conducting special (training the trainers, TTT) sessions to qualify and graduate experts in local growth and export development cycles.

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    Economic Growth

    Competence is one of the most experienced economic growth consulting firms in Jordan specialized in crafting economic growth strategies and studies on national, sectoral and sub-sectorial levels. Competence works with the public sector in Jordan on a macroeconomic level in order to conduct studies related to establishing national strategies for the public and governmental organizations at both national and sectoral level through conducting assessments and diagnosis studies and establishing directions for the strategic local and export growth in Jordan.

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    Business Sustainability

    Competence has a long and relevant experience in establishing business sustainability for institutions (MSMES, NGO’s, BSO’s, Chambers, Public sector institutions,  etc.) in all different sectors: manufacturing, agri-business, trade and service companies, to support them transforming their business into more sustainable ones taking into consideration strategy, technology, process, competitive offering , and human capital development in order to expand their businesses locally, externally and to keep their entities self-sustaining.

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    Access to Finance

    Competence provides a multitude of access to finance (A2F) services directed towards MSMEs in Jordan. The focus of our A2F services are focused on the market research in order to develop accurate predictions of overall market demand and an understanding of potential risks that are crucial for designing ways to unlock economic growth potential and reduce poverty in emerging economies. Our methodology for access to finance research includes identifying scope and objectives, defining target, conducting assessment and analysis, and drawing results, conclusions and actions.

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