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    We develop customized solutions that address the unique situation and environment of each client, rather than follow the “one-size-fits-all” approach. We believe in results, and therefore we use a result-based approach in our assignments that ensures the quality of our services and the achievement of desired outcomes for our clients.

    We partner with our clients in developing and implementing practical ideas, approaches, and methods for use in tackling the toughest business challenges and finding the best opportunities for generating sustainable growth.


    Become the lead in the region for bringing together business transformation expertise, economic growth insights, and private sector competitiveness and development experience


    We support the ecosystem on country, sector and firm level (Start-up, Micro, Small and Medium) through crafting significant improvements in the strategic direction, competitiveness and business performance to confidently achieve sustainable growth, by leveraging the power of our knowledge and expertise to create innovative business solutions and market systems


    We establish collaborative relationships with the local and International consultants and consulting firms towards building strong and sustainable partnerships and enhancing internal capability, capacity and quality of outcomes.
    We achieve business growth and expand our scope and size of services locally and externally through implementing International best practices and standards of operations.
    We develop the knowledge and skills of our core and extended team through advanced capacity building and training programs in order to increase internal capacity and produce quality output.
    We help transform start-ups and MSMEs businesses into vigorous, agile organizations that anticipate the unpredictable, adapt rapidly to disruption and outcompete their opposition.
    We support private and public business organizations at national and sectoral levels in Jordan to establish growth strategies and business plans.

    Our Values

    Our Values

    our team

    Our Story

    Since our establishment in 2006, we have been enriched through our consultants’ decades of experience accrued both locally and regionally in a variety of industries. With every passing year, we partner with International consulting firms, donor programs, and associate consultants synergistically towards attaining enterprise competitiveness and growth, thus effectively contributing towards economic development.Our services bring about measurable business improvement to our clients, supporting the organization’s journey towards sustainable growth. Regardless of the size of the organization, the sector it works in, and level of organizational maturity, we can help develop solutions tailored to meet their needs. With every assignment, we use a result-based approach to deliver the best possible results to our clients, and we regard our clients’ success as a measure of our own success. Growth, prosperity, efficiency, and profitability. It’s likely these goals are top priorities for your business, and the creation of sustainable growth is a prime concern of small business owners and big corporate executives alike. However, the rapidly changing political, economic, competitive, and consumer trends present daily distraction that diminish your ability to focus on those goals.We work with public and government on a macroeconomic level in order to study, investigate and develop the national public strategies at country and sectoral level through conducting assessments and diagnosis studies and establishing directions for the strategic economic and export public and private organizations in Jordan. We are specialized in conducting sector value chain analysis (VCA), baseline studies and sectoral competitiveness analysis. In addition, we have proven record of experience working with public sector to help them develop new strategies, policies and strategic plans. We have also a special experience in local growth, which focuses on how to expand businesses through the growth pipeline from the early stages of entrepreneurship and ideation, going through starting up, micro and small enterprise stage, and until reaching maturity level of well-established medium size enterprise.

    Our Premises

    Our own 250 sqm premises are well equipped with proper infrastructure and professionally-equipped training room and consultancy aids that facilitate any type of training/mentoring and consulting activities inside the premises including distant training and learning tasks. Our offices are also made available to our associate consultants and trainers to use the place and equipment anytime enjoying a welcoming professional environment for producing high quality outcomes.

    Our Operations


    Project Management

    Quality Assurance

    & Control Procedures

    ISO Standards

    Operational Procedures (SOPs)


    Cloud-based Management


    System & Database

    We adopt a phase-gated project management approach where a strict quality assurance and control procedures are followed and applied to make sure that the outcomes of each phase conform or even outperform the required deliverable and milestones of the projects.

    Our services and project management activities follow the international standard operational procedure (SOPs) for providing high quality consulting/training/coaching services from the early stage of pre-sale going through proposal preparation, contracting and scoping, team mobilization, project planning, service and product procurement, project implementation, monitoring, evaluation and learning (ME&L), until project auditing and closing. Our project managers are also well-experienced and well-trained to provide management consulting, training and mentoring activities.

    The quality control and outcomes’ monitoring and evaluation reports are prepared periodically by the units’ project managers and raised to the CCO for final review and approval before the next phase is launched. All of these planning and operational procedures are documented, controlled and archived using a comprehensive cloud-based management information system and database that is fully-secured and accessible to our team members anytime anywhere to ensure full commitment to provide accurate and timely outcomes.
    We also follow a standard project financial planning where we determine project costs and develop a budget. Our process is based on the good financial planning procedure that has many benefits, including estimating profit, reducing financial risk, and planning for unexpected costs.

    We also have a project management accounting system where all of our projects’ activities are reflected and recorded in our project accounting system according to activity-based costing procedure. All financial documents are also archived in this system for future internal use or external audits. Regarding cash flow management, we apply a restricted policy that balance between keeping sufficient cash for projects’ operations and overhead from one side and satisfying the financial requests of our consultants/trainers from the other side. In this way, we keep our operations sustainable and our human resources satisfied.