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“Grow your business through export” Conducted Session

Competence Management Consulting director and founder Mr. Adnan Ziadat, conducted an online awareness session on Thursday DEC. 10th in cooperation with Oasis500, about how to “Grow your business through export” which targeted a pool of startups.

This online session helped the attendees to enhance their knowledge about the growth strategies and export development which would help them start their first steps on the right direction to grow their businesses.

Growing a business is easier said than done. Companies of every size face challenges that suppress their growth. A company might have a great product or service but no business growth strategy to help it define, articulate and communicate where it is going.

A growth strategy should be always part of the annual plan and can be difficult to develop if you’re unfamiliar with the road map and the strategic options of growth.

In our Thursday session with Oasis 500 startups, our expert Mr. Adnan Ziadat explained the steps needed to build a successful strategic growth plan.