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Our Structure

We have a matrix organizational structure with efficient and fast communications among the business functions. The company is led by the director who has more than 30 years of experience in consulting, training, coaching and project managing. The operations are directed by the chief consulting officer (CCO).
The CCO is responsible of managing and dispatching the main organization support functions which are formulated as a matrix with the main business functions as one dimension and the intersecting with the business support function on the other dimension of the matrix.

The main business functions related to our projects’ tasks and activities are performed in a flexible way by a set of job assignments along the business support functions. This ensures high flexibility and utilization of our staff capabilities and competencies towards producing accurate and timely outputs. This matrix organization has also business support functions as project management units directed by the business functions acting as project management office (PMO) and our project managers and coordinators who are highly-qualified in managing different types of projects. Competence business functions have also project backstopping teams who provide supportive and logistical services to these project units in order to assure efficient and timely outcomes.

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We have established through our years of experience a professional pool and network of local, regional and international consultants, trainers, business coaches and mentors in addition to consulting firms. We carefully select our partners of accredited consultants, trainers, business coaches and mentors in addition to consulting firms who normally sign “Associate Consulting/Training” agreements with us. The database is updated frequently and includes highly-qualified persons (HQPs) covering all of our diversified services and expertise. Based on our projects, we select the best team of experts to execute and manage the projects as per the area of their expertise.